You Deserve a Better America

Don't Miss A Thing in this Critical Election

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You Deserve a Better America - Don't Miss A Thing in this Critical Election

This is the first priority of the federal government, and I embrace the T.R. Roosevelt doctrine of “walk softly but carry a big stick.” Our allies must trust us and our enemies fear us. I will advocate for funding the world’s strongest, most well-equipped military with an updated mission of guarding our borders.

Our $22 Trillion national debt has become our largest security threat. I’ll push for dramatic spending reform with a focus on phasing out federal agencies that overstep the mission of our states. I endorse the national sales tax and will work to replace the federal income tax with this type of consumption tax.

Our Constitution has been trampled. We must restore a right to life for everyone, including the unborn. We must recognize the sanctity of our religious freedom, and we must defend the constant attacks on our Second Amendment.


We don’t need candidates who will become a part of the Washington establishment, but we must fight it, break it down, and continue the effort to restore America as one nation under God. No more nonsense! We need less talk and real action.

— Ryan Chamberlin


Ryan Chamberlin is an Author, Speaker, and Consultant based in Marion County, Florida, but serving businesses and CEO’s nationwide.

For the past 20 years, he has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, assisting them in growing their influence and profitability through focused strategies of leadership, improved productivity and by revolutionizing their marketing strategies and corporate cultures.

Ryan has worked with Success Magazine, speaks regularly at national conferences, and was featured recently at the Marion County TEDX Ocala as a guest speaker.

In 2010, Ryan authored his first book titled Now You Know, a book to help entrepreneurs build better teams through common sense principles that focus on growth. He authored an entrepreneur’s story, The Mentor, with Frank Viscuso, best selling author and former New Jersey Fire Chief. In addition, Ryan had the privilege of writing a book with the late relationship expert Gary Smalley titled The Rich You Formula, and recently co-wrote a book with Tony Jeary, coach to the world’s top CEOs. The Rich You Formula was endorsed by former governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Ryan’s focus on conservative spiritual and fiscal values and his ability to help organizations become unified and productive are just a few of the reasons Ryan is sought by many companies to help them improve.

Ryan has been married to Jenny Chamberlin for 25 years. They met at Souls Harbor First Pentecostal Church in 1989, where they still attend today. Ryan has actively played the piano at his church for more than 30 years while Jenny has been active in the church choir for over 25 years. She is also a recording artist with one of her songs hitting the top of the Christian indie charts in 2007.

Ryan and Jenny have home schooled their 4 children (all boys) Ryan A (23), Rey (19), Royce (18), and Regan (15). Jenny is also a corporate entrepreneur in her own right and has been a partner with Ryan in several businesses. She is currently Founder and CEO of Jently Made home care products sold on Amazon.


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