Claim your $1500 +++ in BONUSES - use promo code: 7KSpecial to save $50 per month

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Claim your $1500 +++ in BONUSES - use promo code: 7KSpecial to save $50 per month

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You'll go LIVE with RYAN each month to continue your development into a high-performance leader. Plus discover a wealth of on-demand video training, and access to an accountability program entitled the "30 Day Momentum Accelerator" 

What's inside...

LIVE TRAINING 1 X per month helping build and grow High Performance Teams
New Weekly On-Demand Training
Access to the $1000 Team Builder Blueprint  Based on the book Becoming A Strategic Networker with over 7 hours of High-Performance Leadership and Team Building Training
$500 Becoming a Strategic Networker Course – 21 video Strategies from each chapter of my book.
The 30-DAY MOMENTUM ACCELERATOR Designed to help you personally sponsor your next 10 team members no matter where you’re at in your business. Use this optional accountability program as much as you like!


This is designed to accompany the Team Builder Blueprint for all new people during their first 8 weeks. However, it is now available for those who want to keep sponsoring and stay focused on Moving the Marbles.  

It resets every month with a 4-week focus along with me going LIVE, with scorecards, leaderboards, and prizes.  

This program will have its own pricing in the future, but I am including it as bonus in the HPL monthly.

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