This is the first priority of the federal government, and I embrace the T.R. Roosevelt doctrine of “walk softly but carry a big stick.” Our allies must trust us and our enemies fear us. I will advocate for funding the world’s strongest, most well-equipped military with an updated mission of guarding our borders.

Our $22 Trillion national debt has become our largest security threat. I’ll push for dramatic spending reform with a focus on phasing out federal agencies that overstep the mission of our states. I endorse the national sales tax and will work to replace the federal income tax with this type of consumption tax.

Our Constitution has been trampled. We must restore a right to life for everyone, including the unborn. We must recognize the sanctity of our religious freedom, and we must defend the constant attacks on our Second Amendment.

Campaign Highlights!

Ocala, Fla. — Today, the Ryan Chamberlin for Congress Campaign unveiled their second tv ad called “Fight.” This hard-hitting ad takes on weak-kneed Republicans who won’t stand up to extremists like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

CHAMBERLIN CAMPAIGN UNVEILS FIRST TV AD Ocala, Fla. – Today, the Ryan Chamberlin for Congress Campaign unveiled their first tv ad called “Fire.”  It is hard-hitting on the issues and calls for the American people to fire Nancy Pelosi and the America-hating socialists that are in currently in charge of Congress.

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